Panasonic Ventilating fan F-25AU9 Price in Bangladesh

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Panasonic Ventilating fan F-25AU9
Model No: F-25AU9
Price: Tk 4500.00
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Updated on: 2016-03-07
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Category: Fan
Brand: Panasonic
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Product Description

Category:ventilating fan
1) Wall exhaust fan Panasonic fv-25au9- manufacturer: Panasonic
2) Small wall mounted exhaust fan
3) Absorption-type one-dimensional (drawn from the inside out), not screened.
4) 1 speed
5) Fan motor is equipped with thermal sensors, fan off automatically when the fan is too hot
6) Hoses are perfect lubrication, increasing the lifespan of the fan
7) Window open automatically when the fan works, but closed when the fan operation
8) Framework and tree collapsed steel, pre painted the durability of the fan
9) Power 29 w / h, the maximum power saving.
10) Airflow 920 ChM (cubic meters per hour)
11) Automatic shutter series
12) Exhaust type
13) Wall mounting
14) Automatic shutter
15) Advanced blade design
16) Air volume = 920 m3/h

Product Description:
Panasonic FV-25AU9 wall is designed as one-way suction (suction from the inside out)
and no screens to suit each different purposes.
Fan motor is equipped with temperature sensor, automatically turn off the fan when the
fan is too hot to help users more comfortable with the product. Window open automatically
when the fan operation, but close when the fan operation and is equipped with a needle oil
deposits, the tray is not afraid of big oil spill hazard.


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